About Us... From the Team's Founder

Chuck Thurston

      Paranormal Investigator
            Founder of Paranormal Help of California (PHCal)
            Member of California Paranormal Research (CPR)

Howdy !

In order to understand me and my viewpoint on the paranormal, I'd have to say I live between two worlds...

By trade, Iím an Electronics Engineer in the Aerospace Industry.  Due to an analytical nature, I constantly search for evidence in order to prove or disprove situations that are thought to be a "haunting".  Not every banging sound in a house is a ghost, not every fowl smell a demon.  True hauntings are very rare, and need a good amount of evidence before they can be accepted as such.  Ignorance and fear are greater threats than any ghost.

However, I'm not shy in saying Iíve experienced more than a few paranormal situations myself, and I trust my own senses to know some things to be true.  Several very personal events in my life have utterly convinced me that ghosts do exist, as well as many other levels of things and entities well beyond our current science and logic (residual haunting, inhuman spirits, demons, elementals, etc).  I'm not religious in a classical sense, so I'm not constrained or bound by their rules or teachings.

In the end, I still search for proof... for me and for others.

My Team is a group of dedicated, like minded people, who share a love of the unknown and a drive to find the answers.



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