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Conclusion Based On Findings:  Haunted

  Private Residence, 2nd Street, San Jose, CA

Investigation: July 11, 2009

Reveal: August 20, 2009


Investigation: July 11, 2009

California Paranormal Research was asked to conduct an investigation at a private residence in San Jose, California, by Josephine, the owner on July 11, 2009. She had been experiencing a variety of things, including shadows, full body apparitions of at least two different individuals and objects being moved.  Below are some samples of the evidence gathered from the investigation conducted that evening.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs):
These are clips from unfiltered, unaltered audio files and slight filtered copies used to clarify what is being said.  However the filtered/altered files are not considered "evidence" in themselves, they are for analysis only, and presented here for that purpose.  EVPs tend to be rather soft voices and oddly modulated, so it helps to use good quality headphones, a higher volume and play the file several times.

  EVP Scale Meaning
  +++ excellent EVP quality
  ++ good, easily understood
  not bad, understandable
  - so-so, understandable but not easily
  -- weak modulation or higher noise, hard to understand
  --- probably an EVP, but very hard to make out, if at all

Raw Audio File
Filtered Audio File

Investigator's Voice  "EVP"  (comments)
Living room and spare bedroom - through the course of this audio file the voices of the team in Josephine's bedroom can also be heard, BUT there are a few things that don't appear to be just background noises or voices of either team:


From which direction – kinda sounded like a moan again – ok  "I did not moan"  but twice  "damnit"  real quick  “I .. did .. not .. moan”  well if it’s you and you’re making that sound  (the word moan is overlapped with Chuck talking so it’s harder to hear)


Now check through here “well f__k” (a click)  “Turn off the mic”  (followed by Chuck and George talking)


Or this little device that’s on the rocking chair, you can move in front of it  “No we can’t”


Tell us your name  “Dianna”
Josephine’s bedroom, at this point Patty/Chuck/George are the only ones in the apartment:


(popping sound) point O two, huh  “and I never”


(Patty, George and Chuck talking but just as George starts to say)  I turned it off (there’s a voice that says)  “just me”  (or maybe "Josie")


So it’s not magnetic  “There he goes again”
(Ya Chuck, shut up and let the ghost talk  lol)


LED in it, Yah  “Somebody's come”  Ya, this ones real blinding


“That is blinding”  it’s it’s like
(Can they “see” infrared? cause ~300 watts of IR is at that   lol)


It's not like it’s sleeping with your head in an um MRI machine or  “Don’t  _____ the ______”  um


(As Chuck rearranges the camcorder someone says) “Hey can you hear us?”


(While Chuck readjusts the camcorder, again, it sounds like a male voice saying) “Steven, You can’t do that….you’re sick


“Now why didn’t we go there?”


Ha ha  “chief”  ya, you don’t wanta be back there huh  “you heard me”  um  “_______”  Cuisinart
The following EVPs are from a recorder placed unattended in the kitchen:
(There’s an unusual amount of popping static during this time)


(While Patty is talking about where to place equipment, a voice says)  “Help us…… get her out of here”


(A lot of talking inside and out of the kitchen, but there's a high pitch female voice saying) “and I’m dead” (after Josephine mentions her daughter)


Cause I just saw the flowers move "It's not"   My fault  "supposed to move"  (click, click)  "So .. what .. do my flowers have..."  When you got up  (also notice the woman has a bit of an accent)


(As we talk about the wiring and get ready to move to the spare bedroom, someone says, there appears to be a whole other conversation going on in the kitchen, of which someone says)  “They’re not leaving”


(laughter, then a high pitch male voice overlay saying) “Well God damn it"  we can sit in ..  "Get outta my house, now”  or we can all go out


(As the group moves out to take a break)  I like it, very good  (a high pitch voice says)  “Will you please help Riana”  turn it off, save the battery


Ha ha  “chief”  ya, you don’t wanta be back there huh  “you heard me”  um  “_______”  Cuisinart


(drop) Ahhhh  “Someone’s here to help Badges, aren’t they... help with Badges, aren't they  so I think they got enough debunking in here probably  (the second part is almost like an echo but not to the same pace)


Heard a thump but it’s downstairs  “So.. it wasn’t me” if there’s anything here with us, make a noise or


Are you here to protect Josephine  “It’s not Isador, it’s her father” (crackling echoed and gets weaker) are you here to give her a message
360 deg. Mic' Recorder - Living room and spare bedroom with George/Patty/Chuck:
(Talking from the other team in Josephine’s bedroom at the time)


Ya, cause then we're getting back towards the other room  "I'm not expected to live much longer" (the last part overlaps George talking so it's hard to understand) How about going this way?


Right through there  “Get… out”
George, Patty and Chuck in Josephine’s bedroom (only team in at this time) and near the end they are in the kitchen:


“I didn't _iss love Dianna”  (tap tap)  if ya hear me scream it's because I didn't do it right  (the _iss part is hard to make out)


Ha ha  “chief”  ya, you don’t wanta be back there huh  “you heard me”  um  “_______”  Cuisinart
Terri, Rob, Nicki and Mandy in the living room, then later they bring in Josephine as well:


That’s flickering, a lot  We’ll have to go in there in a few minutes  “Riana isn’t family… yet”  (male voice)


Do you want us here?  “Please help me find my family!”  Do mind that we’re here helping Josephine?  (sounds like a young female)
Mandy's recorder placed in the hallway for the entire investigation:
+ ICD-P620_002_2009_07_11_21_37_0-04-27
You can, you know, run it by and it’ll hold at whatever the highest number is  “She’s checking him out with …” (male)  OK  oh OK  “… felt my arm with it” (female)  So why don’t you do a sweep
+ ICD-P620_002_2009_07_11_21_37_2-22-19
“Get out of this …  place” (As George, Josephine and Terri talk)
Nicki's recorder placed in Josephine’s bedroom:
+ Nicki_090711_02-06-35
(as the team talks of tummy noises and lights, a male voice says)  “Don’t turn the light on”

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Reveal: August 20, 2009

On August 20,2009, Mandy, Patty and Chuck returned to Josephine's apartment to do a Reveal of the results of the investigation, including playing a selection of the EVPs.

A few days prior to this meeting, Josephine had also contacted Mandy with an update on the activity in her apartment, this time the appearance of "faces" and other things being drawn into the shag carpet.  She had a neighbor come up to take a picture and was going to try and not disturb them until our arrival.

Once the Reveal Team showed up, they too witnessed the drawings and photographed them as well.  There was an outline of a face near her front door, and two stick figure people (apparently even holding hands) and the word "HOME" drawn near the bathroom door.  Here they are, including some enhanced versions to try and make the image easier to see:

Location:  Hallway by the door to the bathroom

Original Enhanced  
Appears to be the word "HOME"

Location:  Hallway by the door to the bathroom

Original Enhanced  
Two stick figure people, possibly holding hands, near the above "Home"

The following image wasn't even seen while in the apartment.  It was only found later while reviewing the photos taken at the time.

Location:  Near the front door

Original Enhanced  
Appears to be "R_ana" in script, but it's been walked on as well
(Taken in infrared)

Now of course this is the old brown shag carpet so commonly found in apartments.  But a close observation of the carpet actually showed how the strands of carpet were pushed aside as though by a moving finger.

Due to time constraints, only a portion of the audio EVPs were played for Josephine, and once the girl's name of Riana come up, Josephine stated that the people who used to live in the downstairs apartment had a young daughter named Riana (or possibly Arianna).  She was around 8 years old when the family moved out some 9 years ago.  And in a rather chilling aspect to the carpet figures, Riana was known to draw stick figures in the dust on people's cars.

With the name Riana being so prevalent in the EVPs, the carpet figures, and the apartments local history, we feel it's safe to draw the conclusion we've identified who one of the spirits is.

Josephine supplied us with the mother and father's names, so it seems the next task is to see if they can be located and confirm the status of their daughter, Riana.  If there are any further developments, we'll update this site.


From the recorded EVPs which appear to be interactive and aware of our presence, and they consist of both a male and female voice, we conclude the place to be Haunted by three, if not more, Intelligent Spirits (i.e. Ghosts).



Since the connection to the young girl (who used to live downstairs) was made, and the owner is working on trying to locate the girl's parents... All paranormal activity has ceased.

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