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Conclusion Based On Findings:  Haunted

  Private Residence, Bascom Ave, Campbell, CA

Investigation: March 31, 2012

On March 31st 2012, California Paranormal Research conducted a paranormal investigation of a private residence on Bascom Ave, Campbell, CA.

Our client will only be referred to as "Annette".  The primary experience in the location has been the resident being apparently scratched by an unseen entity.  These scratches have been occurring for several years, even before she moved into the current location.

Below are some samples of the evidence gathered from the investigation.


  • Fairly high EMF levels in several locations:

    -   All along the living room and bedroom wall due to the power distribution for the whole building being on the other side of that wall.  EMF levels of 25 to 30 mG (milligauss) were seem near the left end of her bed.  These levels are constant and very high, were as the other end of the bed has much lower at around 3 to 5 mG.

    -   High EMF levels of around 5 mG literally in the middle of the living room, with lower values near the ceiling, floor and walls.

  • Because in many situations, we had several audio recording devices recording at the same time and in the same location, a few of the resulting EVPs were captured on several, if not all, of them.  They are listed below as a group.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs):
These are clips from unfiltered, unaltered audio files.  EVPs tend to be rather soft voices and oddly modulated, so it helps to use good quality headphones, a higher volume and play the file several times.

  EVP Scale Meaning
  +++ excellent EVP quality
  ++ good, easily understood
  not bad, understandable
  - so-so, understandable but not easily
  -- weak modulation or higher noise, hard to understand
  --- probably an EVP, but very hard to make out, if at all

Raw Audio File


Legend:  "Investigator's Voice"  "EVP"  (comments)
+ 120331_00-00-09 Bedroom “Get… out”
Bedroom “See, it still flashed.. um”  “I’m not doing this”
+ 120331_00-06-39 Bedroom (several things being said while Annette clears her throat and sniffles)
Bedroom (something being said)  “Um It’s.. nothing repeatable”
++ 120331_00-07-39 Bedroom “We’d really like to hear from the man, to see what he has to say”  “Doctor Upton”  (Annette yawns)
- 120331_00-22-36 Bedroom “..when she’s ready, when she’s done here”  “__ ___ _____ __ __”
Bedroom “I can make it leave, there’s certain things I can do” “Uh huh” “Ya, if push comes to shove” “But we don’t want to do that because it can”  “No, You can’t” (overlaps) “lead to certain (Annette talks as well) things you don’t want to deal with”
- 120331_00-28-45 Bedroom “I doubt we can move on”
Bedroom “God Damn It” “I guess I just feel so weird right now” (The two overlap a bit)
- 120331_00-34-46 Bedroom “I’m ______”
+ 120331_00-41-31 Bedroom (as Annette talks)  “Now, what am I thinking?”
-- Bedroom_00-05-23 Bedroom “And that’s our bedroom”  “Don’t you ever ___”  “That’s so cute, your bedroom” “Uh huh”
-- Bedroom_00-50-45 Bedroom (Annette and Bud talking in the other room) “I don’t want to leave here”
- Bedroom_00-57-46 Bedroom “Ask if there’s names. We want names” “I’m Doctor Upton”
+ Bedroom_01-21-51 Bedroom “It’s Virginia”
- Bedroom_01-25-51 Bedroom “Want me to start turning lights off?” “Ya, turn everything off” “It doesn’t matter” “The IR should be more than sufficient”
- Bedroom_01-29-14 Bedroom “You are trying to tell Annette something?”  “I want you out of the apartment”
-- Bedroom_01-31-51 Bedroom “You can make the lights go off, if there’s something you want to say and try to answer our questions”  “Is the camera focused?” “Huh” “The camera hurts"
+ Bedroom_01-34-56 Bedroom “I won’t give up the apartment”
+ Bedroom_02-27-43 Bedroom “Yah”  “Yes”
++ DiningRoom_00-08-26 Dining Room “My stuff is off.” “All right” “They’re talking about it” "It was going up to.."
+ DiningRoom_00-12-00 Dining Room “Is it high by the TV?” “Don’t give up” “Well, it’s clearly on a 3 by the TV”
+ DiningRoom_00-32-11 Dining Room “And he loves going over it. When the rest of us used to fall asleep doing it” (Chuckling) “Oh gosh” “Oh, it’s going”
+ DiningRoom_00-47-40 Dining Room “Now you’re blurry again”  “More Bullshit”
+ DiningRoom_00-48-40 Dining Room "Go with Debra, Go over there" "OK" “Debra took…” "Like, I have thoughts again"
-- DiningRoom_01-36-05 Dining Room "Are you the one that's causing the scratches on Annette?" “That’s not very nice” "Do you know who's causing them"
-- George_00-09-30 Bedroom “You can’t ___” “It hurt” “I’m ___ ___ by now” “OK, let’s see..”
- George_00-16-36 Bedroom “”See if there’s a pulse pattern”  (weak voice says) “Harold” (delay, then the very soft voice says) "Can we get out of here?" (second much louder voice says something) “___” “Nothing repeatable at least”
+ George_00-27-51 Bedroom “Just that one, not the other two” (delay) “You can’t talk”
+ George_00-29-25 Bedroom “George, try switching” “The camera” “K-IIs” “Why is your light back on?” “reversing them”
- George_00-50-59 Bedroom (as Annette talks in the background) “I’ll get you ____”
+ LivingRoom_00-23-29 Living Room “Or demonic in any sense” “Get out…God Damn It”  “Are you wanting to communicate?”
- LivingRoom_00-44-28 Living Room “Are you the one giving Annette scratches trying to communicate ?”(delay) “Have.. to”  “Huh, that looked like a Yes”
- LivingRoom_00-48-12 Living Room “Now you’re blurry again”  “More Bullshit”
-- LivingRoom_01-30-14 Living Room “So you are trying to tell Annette something?” “Ya, Get out” “Just went to 2.2” “now”  “Are you, ah..”
- Rob_00-00-31 Living Room

(Camera turning on)  “That was a camera”  “Thought so” (sounds of people talking and a chuckle in the background)

- Rob_00-02-07 Bedroom (Chuck talking in the background)  “They have to fight ‘em”
-- Rob_00-10-39 Bedroom (flashlight click-click)  “They can't hurt us”
- Rob_00-11-26 Bedroom “Cant’ talk” (Sigh) “Huh” “Can you talk to us?”  “OK, sorry”
- Rob_00-11-54 Bedroom “That light…hurts”  (Starts out very soft, then "hurts" is louder)
Bedroom “Around where the K-IIs are” “This’ll be OK” “I can’t ___ ____” “There’s gonna be a beep in a sec’”
+ Rob_00-56-11 Living Room (Camera turning off)  “(So) they’re packing” (first part is very soft)  “Ya, I wanted to tell them to come back in, we’re gonna break down, but”
- SUNP0001_00-03-51 Bedroom “Plus that has sound too” “So” “__ make ____ with my fingertips”
+ SUNP0002_00-43-41 Bedroom “You can make the lights go off, if there’s something you want to say and try to answer our questions”  “Doctor Upton" “I guess” “Huh” “Don’t talk to her” (sniffle)
-- SUNP0002_00-49-58 Bedroom “I don’t want to leave here”

From the recorded EVPs, the fact that many appear to be interactive and aware of our presence, we conclude the place to be Haunted by two, if not more, Intelligent Spirits (i.e. Ghosts).


Since the time of the initial investigation, Annette hasn't received anymore scratched.  The captured EVPs don't lead to identifying the cause of the scratches, but as long as she isn't being harmed, she's agreed to try and get used to the idea she has unseen "guests".  We also made it clear to the spirits, that if Annette requests us to return, we will to take further action, if needed.

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