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Conclusion Based On Findings:  Inconclusive

  Graham Middle School, Mountain View, CA

Investigation: January 1, 2011

On January 1st, 2011, California Paranormal Research performed a paranormal investigation at the Geometry/Math Class of Graham Middle School, in Mountain View, CA.

The teacher presently using the room reports numerous occasions were something paranormal may have occurred.  We were told that many of the other teachers who have used the classroom in the past experienced similar activity.  The primary experiences in the location have been:

  • Unexplained noises in the area of the adjoining door to the next classroom
  • Rattling of the adjoining door for no apparent reason
  • Uneasy feelings of being watched
  • Sounds of heavy footsteps in the room

Below are some samples of the evidence gathered from the investigation.


  • Several significant EMF spikes were observed on K-II meters.  However we were unable to identify their source.
  • A few noises were heard in the area of the adjoining door, but we weren't able to find their cause.
  • The adjoining door does move slightly due to the changing airflow in either room, but the noises it makes aren't the same as those being reported.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs):
These are clips from unfiltered, unaltered audio files and slight filtered copies used to clarify what is being said.  However the filtered/altered files are not considered "evidence" in themselves, they are for analysis only, and presented here for that purpose.  EVPs tend to be rather soft voices and oddly modulated, so it helps to use good quality headphones, a higher volume and play the file several times.

  EVP Scale Meaning
  +++ excellent EVP quality
  ++ good, easily understood
  not bad, understandable
  - so-so, understandable but not easily
  -- weak modulation or higher noise, hard to understand
  --- probably an EVP, but very hard to make out, if at all

Raw Audio File
Filtered Audio File

Legend:    Investigator's Voice  "EVP"  (comments)
-- 110101-000_00-31-30
Well a custodian would 'cause that would be like he has to do his rounds before he goes home for the night - yah - yah  "wasn't that bad"  That would suck..
-- DS300114_00-26-13
It's gonna be like crawling through snow (giggle, then John's voice in the background, while a hissing male voice says)  "Just leave here... Get off me... Just go home"  dead rats or a opossum
- DS300114_00-55-26
(voices in the background, and a male voice says something like)  "Don't be late.... keep walking"
- DS300114_00-59-26
"She's back"  "Cancer"  Oh it's still loading - Oh (other voices)  "Believe me"
- LS100024_00-00-55

...saying something, ^ even sometimes it response to what we're saying - So usually (at the ^ it sounds like a male voice asks "Are you cooking hotdogs?") - Just...
+ LS100024_00-01-39

(bump bump sound)  Who are you?  "Chuck can't tell us we're dead"  So you've never heard voices...

Though the above files do seem to be EVPs, the low quality and fewer number of responses lead us to an "Inconclusive" result.

We will most likely return to this location in the near future, to perform another more extensive investigation, focusing of the late afternoon time period after classes have ended for the day.  This will better replicate the time most of the occurrences are said to have been experienced.

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