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Conclusion Based On Findings:  Haunted


Private Residence, Monterey Rd., San Jose, CA

Investigation: October 13, 2012

California Paranormal Research conducted a paranormal investigation of a private residence in a mobile home community located on Monterey Road, San Jose, on October 13, 2012.

The claims of paranormal activity in this location are:

  • TV in the living room turning on and off during the night
  • Sounds of movement in the living room, kitchen and hallway
  • Rocking chair in the living room rocked on its own with several people watching
  • Objects being moved and appearing in odd locations
  • Sounds of movement in the rocks outside the living room window and sounds as though someone is "sniffling"

We set up four full spectrum high definition camcorders and audio recorders to monitor all areas.  We then spent the evening attempting to make contact with whoever may be there through EVP sessions.

Observations and Results:

Base EMF readings in this location were very low, since the building is of newer construction and using modern wiring and appliances.

Patty and Nicki measured a 3 degree change in temperature only in a confined area over the middle of the master bed.  The effect lasted for quite some time and was gone when checked later in the evening.  The bed is a powered adjustable bed, but that wouldn’t affect temperature.  The EMF levels in the area around the bed (while not running) were very low.  So this can not be explained.

We recorded a bunch of fairly high EMF spikes while sitting at the dining room table and trying to communicate.  No source for the sudden EMF levels could be found.

There was a sharp tap on the wall while Nicki was talking at the dining room table.

As the team moved into the living room at one point, there was a very loud sharp rap on the dining room table we had just been sitting at.

An Audio Voice Phenomenon (AVP) that was heard and recorded in the living room.  It was clearly none of the occupants of the room at the time.  And it’s as though the voice was mocking Nicki.  The recording of this is listed in the table below.

We didn't capture anything paranormal on any of the video.

Audio analysis resulted in a bunch of EVPs and one clear AVP, which are listed below.  In some cases, the same EVP was recorded on several devices at the same time, so are listed together in the table as well.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs):
These are clips from unfiltered, unaltered audio files and slight filtered copies used to clarify what is being said.  However the filtered/altered files are not considered "evidence" in themselves, they are for analysis only, and presented here for that purpose.  EVPs tend to be rather soft voices and oddly modulated, so it helps to use good quality headphones, a higher volume and play the file several times.

  EVP Scale Meaning
  +++ excellent EVP quality
  ++ good, easily understood
  not bad, understandable
  - so-so, understandable but not easily
  -- weak modulation or higher noise, hard to understand
  --- probably an EVP, but very hard to make out, if at all

Raw Audio File
Clip or Filtered Audio File


Investigator's Voice  "EVP"  (comments)
+ SUNP0002_00-39-47
Living Room “Cause he watches TV over there” “He was not!” “I tried to get him to turn the TV on”
Living Room "Can you knock on a wall for us?" "Truck outside" (a female voice says) “Can you knock on a wall” "There we go" "That was somebody outside wasn't it? Talking?" (and then Nicki plays her question backwards)
++ SUNP0002_01-03-51

Living Room “Actually Nicki, you want to stay?”  “Sure” She’ll come back sometime” “It’s OK” “OK Chuck, you and Lucille will go over to my house”
-- SUNP0003_00-44-56 Kitchen (as Lucille and Chuck talk, it sounds like a male voice says) “I’m not going away” (followed by the very loud bang on the table we all heard)
-- SUNP0001_00-26-15 Hallway “It’s a small bed to share” “The other ones bigger” “Get off my ___”
- SUNP0001_00-46-52 Hallway “It’s funny, that’s the one device it chose to interact with out of all the toys we have here” (an echoing female voice says something like) “Oh yah” (throat clearing) “Are you her son?”
- SUNP0003_00-07-17 Hallway “She’ll be alright”  “She’ll do.. remind me” (as people talk in the background)
- SUNP0003_00-37-17 Hallway “Aren’t you dumb” “It’s not like I’m touching ___” (fades then there's a bang)
- DS300125_01-07-30 Living Room “We want to help you” (two people talk) “I don’t sound like you” (has an odd vibration to the voice)
- DS300125_01-09-47
Living Room “It’s just seeing all us and thinking (^starts here) Oh crap I don’t know all these people”  “You don’t understand”  “Except we don’t give a f—k about ___ ____”
- DS300125_01-17-40
Living Room “We just the K-II light up to red” “Oh Really?” “Ya, three times in a row” “That’s interesting in this house” “Ya, exactly”  “Get out!... We’re not going to talk… get out” 
+ DS300125_01-21-04
Living Room “Patty will, uh, tell her what she wants her to do” “How will they help us?” (odd sounding voice) “Come one and sit down”
+ DS300125_01-26-23
Living Room “Adventure he had”  “Help us!”  “and it just started going bonkers” “” “Hum”
-- DS300027_00-45-20 Hallway “It’s my mother”
-- DS300027_01-29-51 Hallway “Do you need something, are you here for a reason, or what, I don’t understand why you’re here”  “You don’t need to” (soft voice)  “Do you know you frighten Lucille?”
- DS300027_01-35-31
Hallway “If you can do that, keep doing it”  “You keep knocking on the wall only louder”  “Well, sometimes they do that”
+ DS300005_00-11-24
Kitchen “Nicki would like to talk to you and so would we all”  “There’s nothing to make ___ ___” (fades) “We’ve got some devices around the room you can use”  “I won’t” (strong but garbled)
+ DS300005_01-06-40
Kitchen “We’re not here to hurt you, we’re only here”  “Get Out!”  “to help”  “That’s a Tap” “Ya, it was up high over here somewhere”
- DS300006_00-01-52
Kitchen “I’m gonna move it close to Lucille and you keep an eye on that other stuff” “OK”  “They won’t find nothin’ ”  “Well, We’re all here and we’re waiting”
-- DS300006_00-06-41
Kitchen “We just moved in here so you can come in here with us”  “I don’t like her”  “We have the same devices”
-- DS300006_00-32-00 Kitchen  “That immediately feels different” “Hum”  “I keep knocking ___ ___ ___ ___” (there’s a bunch being said but we can’t make it all out)
+ 121013-000_00-00-04
Master Bedroom (sound of the recorder being placed on the dresser) “Get out”
- 121013-001_00-00-10
Master Bedroom “They’re looking for us”
- 121013-001_01-03-12
Master Bedroom “04”  “Tell them I’m sick”  “03” “Don’t say ____”  “04” “03”
- LS100051_00-35-44
Master Bedroom “point 4, can you make it go to point 5?”  “It’s not working”
+ LS100051_00-41-14
Master Bedroom “It’s doing nothin’ ”  “Spirit”
+ LS100051_00-43-14
Master Bedroom Ya, there’s actually quite a bit of temperature variation in a fairly small space here”  “I'm comfortable”  “Do you think it’s a cross-breeze from the windows?” (and the iPad app said something while Nicki was talking)
+ LS100051_01-04-15
Dining Room “Yank the batteries out of those suckers” and “Please”  “I ain’t yanking anything”
+++ LS100051_01-30-37
Dining Room (As people move into the living room, this is the really hard rap we heard on the dining room table)


The voice quality of many of these EVPs isn't great, but a voice can be heard.  Others are very clear and easy to understand.  From the recorded EVPs, the fact that they appear to be highly interactive and aware of our presence, we conclude the residence to be Haunted by at least one Intelligent Spirit (i.e. Ghost).

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