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Conclusion Based On Findings:  Haunted

  Pleasanton Hotel, Pleasanton, CA

Investigation: May 31, 2010

George and Chuck, members of California Paranormal Research, teamed up with Tammy and her fiancé from the Bay Area Ghost Hunters to do an all night investigation of the Pleasanton Hotel in Pleasanton, California, on May 31, 2010.

From their web site (

History of The Pleasanton Hotel
The Farmer Restaurant

Originally built in 1864 by John Kottinger as a “house of entertainment,” The Farmers Hotel included a general store. As it does today, it sat alongside the Arroyo del Valle at the North end of Main Street and was the first hotel in Pleasanton.

After burning down in 1898, it was rebuilt by new owner Henry Reimers. It had 14 rooms, a dining room, bar & electricity! Renovated after a minor fire in 1915, It was renamed The Riverside Hotel and in 1934 it officially became The Pleasanton Hotel. In the 1960s, it stopped taking overnight guests & the upstairs rooms were converted to private offices.

The Farmer Restaurant owes its name to the original Farmers Hotel & the current owner’s Elegant Farmer Restaurant in Jack London Square/Oakland during the 60's - 80"s.

There are local rumors of the place being haunted, including sightings of a female apparition in the upstairs area who may be a prostitute that was apparently stabbed to death many years ago.

The owner was very accommodating, and allowed the team open access to the entire building through the night.

The fact that it is an operational restaurant presented a few difficulties, mainly in the amount of background noise in many areas.  For instance the kitchen area contains many refrigerators, ice makers and freezer units all running compressors.  Because of this, the audio quality in much of the recordings, which use very sensitive microphones, isn't optimal, and of course the resulting EVPs are in many cases further distorted.

However, below are the resulting Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) we obtained that evening.

These are clips from unfiltered, unaltered audio files and slight filtered/trimmed copies used to clarify what is being said.  However the filtered/altered files are not considered "evidence" in themselves, they are for analysis only, and presented here for that purpose.  EVPs tend to be rather soft voices and oddly modulated, so it helps to use good quality headphones, a higher volume and play the file several times.

  EVP Scale Meaning
  +++ excellent EVP quality
  ++ good, easily understood
  not bad, understandable
  - so-so, understandable but not easily
  -- weak modulation or higher noise, hard to understand
  --- probably an EVP, but very hard to make out, if at all

Raw Audio File
Filtered &/or Trimmed Audio Files


Legend:    Investigator's Voice  "EVP"  (comments)

Chuck's Audio:



Banquet Room Can you give us a sign that you’re here?  “I don’t like the séances”  by knocking  (we were just talking about the fact they used to hold séances in the banquette room)
- DS300002_03-00-18
Banquet Room What was your favorite drink?  “Rum & Coke”  (weak)
- DS300002_03-08-16
Banquet Room Pick it up, what ever you wanta do  “I don’t _____”  (gets weak near the end)

(filtering failed to make it any clearer)

Banquet Room (After we’d asked for it’s name)  “___ ____”


Banquet Room Felt like foot steps – There’s a lot of knocking or foot steps right above me  “Don’t command ___ ____”

(filtering failed to make it any clearer)

Ground Floor (Might be saying something like)  “It wasn’t me”


Ground Floor Can you do this for me? (knocking) “I don’t like to make noise”  (followed by Tammy talking)


Ground Floor Ice maker thing back there almost took a finger off (laugh)  “Yah, It’s bad”
- LS100010_00-44-32
Ground Floor If you want us to go back in the kitchen, give us a sign that you do  “I don’t really care”  (clicking of a flashlight)
 -- LS100011_00-21-40
Ground Floor I want you to shut the blue flashlight off  “I don’t want to, Pal”  The male, the male who’s still here with us
 -- LS100011_00-27-46
(filtering failed to make it any clearer)
Ground Floor Can you shut the pink flashlight off?  “_____”  Watch the temperature too to see if it goes up again – OK  “______”  it just went down^, it went down then up, now it’s going up (at the ^, sounds like there are a couple more words being said)
--- LS100012_00-03-28
(filtering failed to make it any clearer)
Banquette Room As long as it’s nothing rude  “_____”  to keep things civil  “____”
--- LS100012_00-05-56
(filtering failed to make it any clearer)
Banquette Room

“________”  If you just said something, can you please repeat that?
(Same time George’s EVP was recorded)

- LS100012_00-06-38
Banquette Room It was definitely a voice  “Ya, __ ___ ___ ___ ____”
+ LS100013_00-34-45
Upstairs Sitting Area Can you please talk into the device I’m holding?  “I’m here by _____”
+ LS100013_00-35-51
Upstairs Sitting Area (sounds of movement)  “Is Brian here?” (or "Is bright in here")
+ STE-000_00-01-42
Banquet Room Want to say hello? (2 knocks)  “Mufflin” (or something like that)  “Keep waiting to talk to him”  (fades near the end)
- STE-000_00-07-43
Banquet Room But this one seems to be pretty good  “I think this is the right person”  And ya know
+ STE-000_00-08-06
Banquet Room I keep hearing a moaning noise, Ya, male voice though  “Keep hoping you can help me... Huh”
- STE-001_00-00-09
Kitchen Light up these green lights  “I don't”  They won’t hurt you
- STE-001_00-00-20
Kitchen Move your hand in front of it  “I will”  and we’ll start talking to you
- STE-002_00-29-34
Upstairs Sitting Area But ya, it’ll take a while, and probably all the cameras  “You talk like ____”   and make sure you put everything back,  we’re gonna run into …
+ 20100530224655_00-00-00
Upstairs Hallway “Nothing… again” (delay) “F__k” (a lot being said, but in the middle is a pretty clear female voice saying an f-bomb)
+ 20100530224751_00-05-52
Upstairs Hallway (weird garbled sounds, followed by) “F__k, They’re coming back”
+ 20100530225606_00-01-33
Upstairs Hallway Is there anyone in the bathroom with me? “Lyle, run” (very soft) (floor creaks)  “Lyle” (or something similar)  What’s your name?
-- 20100530225606_00-02-21
Upstairs Hallway Can you knock on the wall or the floor for us, tell us you’re here?  “No.. I don’t want to”


Upstairs Hallway Hum, (Tammy and George talk in the background) It’s hard to tell  “Chuck”  Ya, it’s hard to tell (whispers and more talking as I ask if anyone said my name)

(filtering failed to make it any clearer)

Upstairs Hallway (As we talk about the building being old and the wiring)(@11 sec)  “Really old”


Upstairs Hallway Like a thump, um hum,    “What happened” (male) “I don’t know… _____ his camcorder” (female)  Can you make this light up

(filtering failed to make it any clearer)

Upstairs Hallway (as we talk about the K-II reacting to something like the voice recorder, there is a clear voice that says something)
+ 20100531002015_00-21-01
Back Kitchen Yours pink?  “They were”  pink one is the one that  talking”  (sounds like two voices)  keeps going off  “to her” (softer)  Touch the blue flashlight, make the blue one go off
- 20100531010607_00-00-25
Banquette Room Can you make that door creak for us?  (pop)  “No, we’re not allowed to… make… noise”
- 20100531010607_00-02-30
Banquette Room By knocking  (movement and a groan)  “Hey, you won’t see anything”
--- 20100531010607_00-14-17
(filtering failed to make it any clearer)
Banquette Room What’s your name?  “Can’t tell you”
--- 20100531010607_00-16-51
(filtering failed to make it any clearer)
Banquette Room Did your children know what you did for a living?  “They didn’t know___”
- 20100531014509_00-02-32
Upstairs Hallway Can you tell us your name?  “Collette”  I’m not hearing it from down here on the audio of this thing, but…
- 20100531021954_00-00-13
Upstairs Hallway “Sure is bright in here”  (breathing and movement)
- 20100531021954_00-00-51
Upstairs Hallway “Charles”  “for goodness sake… someone do that”  Like, the K-II hasn’t even moved down there
- 20100531021954_00-01-12
Upstairs Hallway Which is, I don’t know (giggle)  “Thank you Wilfred” “You can backtalk to Chuck, huh”
+ 20100531021954_00-02-16
Upstairs Hallway “Why John can hear it”  (movement & tapping)  “I don’t know”  (softer)
-- 20100531043625_00-09-35
Upstairs Empty Room Wouldn’t take too much to knock it over  “______”  (several words being said but I can’t make it out)
-- 20100531043625_00-09-43
Upstairs Empty Room And you can knock on the wall for us  “I don’t wanta do that, ___” (very weak and hard to make out)
-- 20100531043625_00-10-20
Upstairs Empty Room Is the woman in the room?  (delay)  “I killed her baby” (long delay) “I put it in the fire”  (or could say "Water")  Is that you guys whispering? – No I heard that too – Ya I thought it was you guys
-- 20100531043625_00-11-21
Upstairs Empty Room Can you laugh again, so we can all hear it this time?  -  Ya George and I didn’t get to hear you  “I… can’t…  I can’t  ___” (long delay)  "Keep quiet”  (last part is very faint)
-- 20100531043625_00-15-02
Upstairs Empty Room Are you a murderer?  “Yes”  (male voice)  Ya, rumor has it....

George's Audio:



Dance Floor Did you used to stay in this place, when it was a hotel?  “They.. should be.. arrested.. for this” (very soft at the end)  Hear that knocking? Ya, I was just going to ask if that was you.  Nope
+ 100530_000_00-02-54
Dance Floor No  “Damn it”  So you used to…  (might also be “Kevin”)
+ 100530_001_00-00-37
Upstairs Empty Room Can they not trust us?  “Will you please.. get out of this place”
-- 100531_005_00-04-05
Rear Kitchen

Are you laughing at us?  "don’t what to _____"

+ 100531_006_00-06-30
Banquette Room “God damn it”  “What is it?”  “They must not hear me talking”  If you just said something, can you please repeat that?
- 100531_006_00-07-27
Banquette Room Do you like that it’s a full moon out? (delay)  “_____ _____ _____ ____ ____”    Is it?  It’s pretty close
- 100531_006_00-07-40
Banquette Room Do you ever go outside?  "I’m scared to"  You should, tonight's actually a beautiful night, although we'd rather you stayed in here and had fun with us
+ 100531_011_00-06-27
Upstairs Empty Room Know the end to this? (knocking “Shave and a hair cut” minus the last two knocks)  “_____ _____”  (two words at least)
+ 100531_011_00-13-20
Upstairs Empty Room (might be two voices saying)  “I’ve been watching it.. it’s god damn bright” “yes it is”)

As we stated, many of these EVPs are not of the best quality, but we believe they at the very least reflect an interactive voice, and not that of the four people present at the time.

Considering the above evidence, we have no hesitation in concluding the Pleasanton Hotel to be, in fact, haunted.

It's a very nice old building, and the restaurant has very good food for a reasonable price.  We recommend going there if you are in the Pleasanton area.  And say hello to its ghosts...

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