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Conclusion Based On Findings:  Haunted

  Private Residence, Poulsbo, WA

Investigation: September 21, 2014

While vacationing in upper Oregon, Chuck and his wife, Kathy, drove into Washington for the night.  Relatives have been experiencing a variety of paranormal occurrences in their home, located in Poulsbo, WA.  So of course Chuck went to see if any evidence could be found.

Some of the reported activity has been:
  • Both Mike and Donna have seen a shadow-like figure going up or down the hallway, as well as a shadow seen moving along the wall in the living room

  • Donna was outside near the bedroom’s end of the house, and felt someone place their hand on her shoulder

  • Several times Mike has heard a male voice say “Hey” as he gets out of his truck or walks to the house after arriving.

 Observations During The Investigation: 

  • The location is far enough removed and higher than the roadway, so it’s very unlikely any of the shadows they have experienced are due to car headlights.

  • A thermal motion sensor, set up in the hallway, went off twice in a row for no apparent reason.  On the second trigger, the cat, that was a short distance away, looked down the hallway towards the bedroom as if seeing something.  The cat’s movement was after the sensor triggered.

  • As Chuck was entering the spare bedroom, that is used for storage, the Mel Meter buzzed twice with a few seconds separation, as though something EMF based passed by him twice.  No source for EMF could be found.  Several attempts to recreate it failed.  Overall, the EMF levels in the entire home were very low.

  • Chuck experienced a sudden EMF headache in the middle of the hallway once.  It only lasted a few seconds.  It was however in the same general location of the things noted above.

  • While standing in the hallway, several times Chuck heard the sound of several muffled voices having a conversation.  It was soft enough to not be able to discern what was being said.

Below are the resulting Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) we obtained that evening.

These are clips from unfiltered, unaltered audio files and slight filtered/trimmed copies used to clarify what is being said.  However the filtered/altered files are not considered "evidence" in themselves, they are for analysis only, and presented here for that purpose.  EVPs tend to be rather soft voices and oddly modulated, so it helps to use good quality headphones, a higher volume and play the file several times.

  EVP Scale Meaning
  +++ excellent EVP quality
  ++ good, easily understood
  not bad, understandable
  - so-so, understandable but not easily
  -- weak modulation or higher noise, hard to understand
  --- probably an EVP, but very hard to make out, if at all
Raw Audio File
Filtered &/or Trimmed Audio Files


Legend:    "Investigator's Voice"  "EVP"  (comments)
-- 140921-000_00-00-21 Living Room “Talk to that. Talk close” “No thanks”
++ 140921-000_00-14-27 Living Room (As Donna and Kathy talk about “being stubborn”, a male voice says) “I could tell you a few things what being stubborn means”
++ 140921-000_00-49-29 Living Room “Have you sent or sold anything on Criag’s List”  “Crafts”  “A couple things”
+ 140921-001_00-01-05 Living Room “But I don’t know, I don’t know what we’re gonna do” (a male voice says something like) “I’m Jess”  "Well, you know there's, there's'
+ 140921-001_00-04-04 Living Room (We hear and discuss a double bump sound)
+ 140921-001_00-04-39 Living Room (As Donna talks there’s a soft voice, either “I didn’t do” or “why did ya do”)
+ 140921-001_00-08-17 Living Room “Look… It’s Ghost Hunters”  “I don’t know what set it off a couple times, but it’s right by the door”
- 140921-002_00-04-15 Living Room They can hear us”
-- 140921-002_00-54-46 Living Room “He likes his soft drink”
+ 140921-002_01-54-06 Living Room “Get Erica”
-- LS100106_00-28-01 Master Bedroom “Let me know why you’re here. Can we do anything for you” “They can go anywhere else but here”
- LS100109_00-04-10 Master Bedroom “Get out of my bedroom.” (as Donna talks in the background)
+ LS100112_00-00-49
Spare Bedroom “What’s he doing now?” (female voice)
+ LS100112_00-01-22 Spare Bedroom “Are you here?”  “I’m leaving”
- LS100113_00-16-07
Master Bedroom Tell us your name.  We really want to know who you are.”  “I’m Eddie Averson”

Considering the above evidence, we find the Private Residence in Poulsbo, WA, to be haunted by at least two spirits, one male and one female.

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