My Own Home

Santa Clara, California

By Chuck Thurston

Jan. 1, 2007
OK  This is a bit weird, but I had just bought a new digital voice recorder to use for ghost hunting.  It's a very sensitive one, so I wanted to test it first in my home and see how well it picked up sound.  I had just turned it on, set it on the coffee table, and walked into the kitchen saying "I'm in the kitchen", "hallway" etc. as I wondered around the house.  When I got back and replayed the file to see how it sounded... I found this:




just as I turn the recorder on it sounds like a very soft male voice saying "help me", then I snap my fingers and say "OK this is the new recorder in the living room", I walk away into the kitchen as the same male voice says "Help .. Me", then I start talking again from the kitchen

Reduced section with just the EVP
DS300004_0015_soap Reduced section with just the EVP and "hiss" reduction filtered

It occurred just after I had set the thing down and was walking towards the kitchen.  It's not my voice.  I even tried to duplicate the voice myself and was never able to reproduce it.  Granted, there were no witnesses to all this, so some people may say it's not acceptable evidence.  However I know what happened, so it's good enough for me.

Since then, I've tried several times to get further EVPs in my house, with no luck.  I can only hope he found the "help" he needed.  As odd as that may sound to some people, I wish him well.

Dec. 22, 2008

And the saga continues...

I'm honestly not sure what made me attempt to do another EVP session in my own home.  Prior to this occasion we had performed an investigation of the Dorrington Hotel, located in Dorrington, California.  For some time after that, I was wondering if there was "someone" hanging around.  Well anyway, this is what I recorded while asking the usual list of EVP questions and if there was anything I could do to help:




"Will you shut up, asshole" while I am saying "We can pass along whatever kinda message you want"

DS300057_clip_filtered EVP and "hiss" reduction filtered.  In this version a bit more seems to be heard:

Voice 1:  "We didn't do it"
Voice 2:  "Will you shut up, asshole"
Me saying :  "We can pass along whatever kinda message you want"
If things continue like this, I'll have to find a way to charge them rent.  hehe   Just Kidding.

Summary To Date:

Based on just the EVPs, it's hard to draw much of a conclusion.  I'd have to say there appears to be a spirit here on at least those two occasions.  I will of course be trying additional recordings to see if anything further can be collected.

"Remains Under Investigation"
I live there, I should say so  LOL

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