Private Residence

Pleasanton, California
Feb. 18, 2006

By Chuck Thurston



I did a mini-investigation of a friend's house in February 2006. Here is a basic report of what I found.

I've worked with the woman who owned this house for many years, and she'd always told me she believed it to be haunted. Her family was preparing to to move out of the area, so this was my last chance to go and have a good look around.

She's a major collector of anything to do with Smiley Burnette, who was the musical singing sidekick to Gene Autry many years ago, as well as the engineer of the "Cannonball" on the TV show "Petticoat Junction". She is also a friend of the Burnette family. Based on this, we had an idea the ghost, if there was one, might be Smiley himself popping in to make himself known to an avid fan.

A number of "paranormal" occurrences happen in this house from time to time:

  1. Almost anything musical will start to play "on its own" at any time, such as the doorbell, music boxes, bells, musical Christmas tree lights (even when unplugged, so I was told), etc.
  2. Shadows seen out of the corner of the eye in the master bedroom and low on the wall of the lower living room.
  3. Odd feelings in some areas of the house, like that of being watched.


Result of the investigation:

  1. I took 107 digital photos of all areas of the house. I got nothing other then a few orbs, which weren't very impressive and assumed to be the result of dust.
  2. EMF readings in the house appeared  normal. Noted a few hotter spots, but they were near walls with known electrical wiring, and not of sufficient level to become a health concern.
  3. General mood of the house was normal, with the exception of the lower living room and lower spare bedroom. Nothing bad in these locations, just a feeling I was being watched and wasn't wanted there. Since we had discussed the area of activity being the lower living room, the feeling I got in the spare bedroom was unexpected. It should also be noted that these areas were not areas with higher EMF.
  4. Audio Recording to obtain EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon):
    OK,  here's were it gets interesting. Since we had thought it might be Smiley, the idea of an EVP with a known and recognizable voice was a strong hope. I recorded only a total of four minutes of digital audio, partly because I felt like a damn fool in front of my friends, and my wife was about ready to fall asleep.

    Once I reviewed and filtered the file I found the following sound bits. The quality of some of these is lacking, and as always when it comes to EVP's, no two people tend to hear the same exact thing (part of the "magic" I guess). But feel free to have a listen and give me some feedback on what you think...



What I think it says...  (indicates a known person talking)
2006-02-18_00-10  (if there's an animal, there's not a whole lot) That's (you can ask of it) not gonna happen
2006-02-18_00-23 (well, what's your name) Tamara
2006-02-18_00-35 (why are you here) I can't find my way
2006-02-18_01-08 I doubted you
2006-02-18_01-20 We love (let's see) you,   We love you
2006-02-18_01-58 I don't think you (it might have been once) can help us
2006-02-18_02-04 You, Will you stop complaining
2006-02-18_02-09 (Let's see, if you're a dog a woof) It's not an anim... (are you gonna pick up...)
2006-02-18_02-36 (and you take up very little space) I don't wantta go
2006-02-18_02-47 (are you Smiley) Don't go Away
2006-02-18_02-51 ???
2006-02-18_03-06 megynne   yes   Chuck (umm) hey Chuck
2006-02-18_03-24 (...being yours) ???
2006-02-18_03-30 (are you related to her shoes) You're both kidding me (since they're critter shoes)



Based on the numerous EVP's, many of which appear to be interactive, and several different voices, I have to conclude the House Is Haunted by three human spirits.


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