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Real-time 12-hour Boulder-NOAA Magnetometer

Current Earth based Magnetics as reported from
Boulder-NOAA Geomagnetic Observatory (N40.1 W105.2)

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NOAA Space Weather 


Current Geomagnetic Field



ACE Satellite Data

 NASA's Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) satellite serves as an advance warning of geomagnetic storms.  Geomagnetic storms impact the electric power grid, aircraft operations,  GPS, manned spaceflight, and satellite operations, to name some of the most damaging.  Severe geomagnetic storms can result in electric utility blackouts over a wide area.

ACE is at the L1 libration point between the Earth and the Sun, about 1,500,000 km forward of Earth, enabling ACE to give up to one hour advance warning of the arrival of damaging space weather events at Earth.


2 Hour (ACE)  (Click Here for Real-Time Monitor Window)


6 Hour (ACE)


24 Hour (ACE)


3 Day (ACE)


7 Day (ACE)


GOES Satellite Data

3 Day (GOES)

GOES Notes:
The ~ cycles are due to the satellites rotation in sync with the Earth.  "N" being Satellite Noon which is towards the sun, and "M" being Satellite Midnight which is behind the Earth, slightly shielded from the Sun.

Red Trace  =  US East Coast              Blue Trace  =  US West Coast


Planetary K (GOES)  (I call this my "Mood Index")

Planetary K:
This plot is a relative index of the rate of change in geomagnetic strength.  The more dramatic the change, the higher the index.  Index levels of over 4 are considered a "storm warning" level known to affect migratory animals.  However my own sensitivity has proven to be well below that, down to a level of 2 and above.  Above 4, and I am likely to be very dizzy, have sudden headaches and even become physically ill.


Real-time 12-hour NOAA Magnetometer, Boulder, CO

(Click Here for Real-Time Monitor Window)

 Earth Based Magnetometer (Boulder, CO)


Latest SOHO Images Of The Sun


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  1. The ACE satellite is in a locked orbit between the Earth and Sun.  You can think of this as a "Early Warning System" for inbound space weather.  Whereas the GOES satellites are in geosynchronous orbit around the Earth.  Magnetic levels seen by the ACE satellite are roughly 40 to 50 minutes in advance of what will be seen by the Earth.  Levels seen by the GOES satellites are the Earth's resulting field in real time.
  2. EMF Hypersensitivity is a medically proven fact, though not fully understood.  For those who feel its effect, developing an understanding of it may help.  Monitoring this page, and reading HERE, may help you in this effort.
  3. Magnetic waves travel from the Sun towards the Earth like waves on the ocean.  These waves have a directional amplitude (Bx, By, Bz & Bt) and angle (Phi & Theta).  A strong shift in either will effect the Earth's field and result in an EMF Hypersensitive person feeling the effect.  Different types of shifts cause different effects on a sensitive person.  With time you will learn what your pattern is.