Geomagnetic & EMF Hypersensitivity

by  Chuck Thurston (aka  DesertRat)

Concerning the effects of Geomagnetic (EMF) Storms on energy sensitive people….

I hope this is of interest to you.

Over the years, I've read many medical resources concerning the measured reactions of animals (including humans) to changing electromagnetic fields (EMF) , as well as monitored the reactions of myself and others over that time.  As part of my daily job function for Lockheed Martin - Missiles & Space Division, I also monitor satellite environments, because of their effects on the many satellites I "baby-sit".

Here's what I believe to be the case...

First, as you are aware, the Earth has a magnetic field, which even the simplest device such as a compass can sense and interact with.  The strength of this field isn't a steady thing, and fluctuates due to the interaction of both the Sun and the Moon, the Sun being a VERY active source for magnetic solar storms.  These storm waves, radiate outward from the Sun, and once hitting the Earth, cause the Earth's field to warp in shape, change levels and vibrate, sometimes violently.

So, here's what a normal geomagnetic pattern looks like, measured by two different GOES satellites in geosynchronous orbit above the Earth:

 Normal Daily Rhythm

The ~ cycle is due to the satellite's rotation in sync with the Earth.  "N" being Satellite Noon which is towards the Sun, and "M" being Satellite Midnight which is behind the earth, slightly shielded from the Sun.  The Universal Time is Greenwich Mean Time, which is 4 hours ahead of the US East Coast time zone, located roughly at W 82 (~red line), and the US West Coast is at W 122.0 (~ blue line). These levels are not those seen by people, but are a relative indication of the change in field strength near that location.

SO, here's what a Solar Geomagnetic Storm looks like...

Daily Rhythm During A Magnetic Storm

From the physical reactions I have noted, here's what I believe.  Due to a learned tolerance, we are tuned to the normal rhythm of the daily cycle.  For an EMF Hypersensitive person, the smaller disturbances can cause a reaction felt as ringing or buzzing in the ears, tension, nervousness or anxiety.  The larger spikes can cause more violent reactions of dizziness, vertigo, nausea, headaches, migraines and neck pain.  Not everyone feels this effect or in the same amount.

Of course there are local magnetic sources having a definite effect on a Hypersensitive person as well, including microwave ovens, high power transmission lines, cordless phones, cell phones, seat massagers, and basically anything that has an electric motor or transmits power on some level.

Another monitor to be aware of is one called the Planetary K  Index:

It measures of the "rate of change" in the field strength.  If the field level is unchanging, the index will be flat at a level of "0", and the more rapid the increase or decrease in the field, the higher the index.

A strong field can be felt but tolerated.  Rapid changes in the field are much worse and cause the stronger reactions.

Index levels of over 4 are considered a "storm warning" level known to affect migratory animals.  However my own Hypersensitivity has proven to be well below that, down to a level of 2 and above.  Above 4, and I am likely to be very dizzy, have sudden headaches, become physically ill, and in rare instances, black-out completely.


..... and here's a link to the current Geomagnetic environment being recorded:

If you believe you may be EMF Hypersensitive, you might want to keep an eye on this web page (link) and learn to understand the effects it can cause.

Well, I hope this was of interest.  And feel free to ask me for more details if you are curious.